Single Sign On

We are happy to announce that Easylib now has single sign on ability across all modules.

Based on the access level you have, it dynamically builds the menus for various functions. Key functions are

  1. Student Login – Only OPAC Access and Self help features are enabled
  2. Library Staff Login – Only features related to library operations are enabled
  3. System Admin Login – More administrative functions are enabled
  4. Campus Login – Administration of Campus Operations is enabled here
  5. Teacher Login – Student login plus access to update students attendance, marks, assessments etc

The security structure in Easylib is fully dynamic in nature and gives you the ability to configure as per your desire.

Flexibility in Printing Barcodes

Easylib has now extended the barcode printing feature in Easylib 6.4a Cloud Version as below

  1. You can now type individual barcodes and put in queue
  2. You can give range of barcodes to print
  3. You can type barcodes to be printed in a text file and import
  4. Option to print barcodes for book accession numbers, member ids and journal accession numbers
  5. Option to print book location instead of call numbers

In addition to this, Easylib has also released Easylib Desktop Barcode Version v35. It provides the following features.

  1. Ability to print on Zebra or TSC Printers
  2. More options to print barcodes in various layouts
  3. Ability to print spine lavels in 4 rows
  4. Ability to print long barcodes for journals
  5. Ability to print multiple copies and ranges


Component Based Web OPAC

Easylib now has componentized Web OPAC. That means various items in the OPAC like

  1. Search bar
  2. Short Cuts
  3. Featured Books
  4. Photo Gallery
  5. Announcements
  6. E News Paper
  7. About your library
  8. Useful Links
  9. Explore
  10. Library Timings

and many others are all designed such that you can place them pretty much anywhere in the homepage. This is expected to give you flexibility to have the website the way you wish.

New Features

We are very happy to announce we have now over 60 clients using Easylib 6.2a or Easylib 6.4a Version. Some notable items are as below.

  1. One large university with nine colleges has connected all nine colleges with Easylib Union Catalogue. Each college has its own library and managed independently. However the entire OPAC is connected to Union Catalogue where search is performed automatically on all nine libraries.  Helps sharing resources among themselves.
  2. A few colleges now use branch management feature within Easylib. Entire library is managed as a central library. But individual libraries still operate on the same database and students are able to see the collection across the board.
  3. In some colleges, we see over 100 students per day i.e. over 5% of the college population logs into OPAC each day. Two years before, students did not have access to OPAC outside the campus. Now they can access it everywhere.
  4. Easylib has Integrated system to manage books, non books like CD, Maps etc as well as institutional repositories. Some clients have even loaded about 5,000 question papers, table of contents of journals, their own publications etc. to their library website using Easylib platform.
  5. Some clients have uploaded lecture plans, videos and quizzes to Easylib platform giving an integrated view of learning to the students.

Overall, it has been a fun journey so far.

NLM Classification

We are happy to announce that NLM Classification is now integrated with Easylib for Medical Colleges. The colleges that are using NLM Schedule can easily chose the subject, automatically get the NLM classification number and have it added directly to accession register in Easylib.

To try this, give us a call. We will show you.