Data Quality Management Version v6.2a R9-Correct data in bulk(September 2018)

  • See the list of similar titles and group them under one catalogue information
  • See a list of similar publishes e.g. TMH, Tata Mc Graw Hill, Tata McGraw Hill and group them together
  • Similar merger for Subjects, Vendors, Authors, etc.
  • Comparative catalogue between your local data and data at the Union Catalogue and ability to see the errors and correct them
  • Ability to correct the data in bulk by Department,Publisher, Subject and Language wise. E.g. Identify title duplicates, identity publisher duplicates with spelling mistakes, Identify creation of vendors no purchases done etc
  • Ability to see the books with no title, No Author, No Class Number, with No ISBN, with No Publisher etc.
  • Ability to archive catalogue list