Whats special in Easylib OPAC?

Easylib has been developed keeping in mind the benefit of end users. All of our programmers are avid readers and ones who library. We think like end users and have developed Easylib to suite the needs of end users like us.

So, whats special in Easylib OPAC?

  • Top Search Bar
    • Easy search – Do a search on all your collections
    • A – All Books
    • E – See list of all electronic collections
    • P – See list of your publications
    • D – See digital subscriptions list
    • EBT – See list of ebooks by types of ebooks
    • EBC – See list of eBooks by course
    • Q – Do a quick search based on keyword, author etc
    • L – See list of your publications
    • M – Do traditional search
    • NA – See new arrivals list
    • PD – Build your own personal digital library
    • O – Another way to search books
  • Main Portion
    • Explore Section – It guides you what to search for in the library
    • Announcements – It allows you to see whats new in the library
    • Useful links – Helps you see list of common used links’
    • Library Data – Get a feel of whats inside the library
    • Photogallery – See what has been happening
    • Library Timings – Easily see what are the timings
  • Bottom Portion
    • Library staff – See who are your team members
    • Library policies – See the policies at your library
  • Your Login (Basic)
    • See your details and photograph
    • Change your basic details and photograph
    • See list of books you borrowed and their due dates
    • See list of new books you requested.
    • Request more books for purchase
    • Build your own favorites section
    • See the fine paid on books
    • Give feedback on library services
    • See your library in out log
    • See your past circulaiton history
    • Change your password
    • See the list of books you reserved. Reserve more.
  • Your Login (Advanced)
    • See assignments and reply
    • See feedback surveys and respond
    • Build your own digital library

With all the above features, Easylib is simply the most advanced OPAC your students can experience.

To upgrade to Easylib, call us today at 98440-81710 or write to info@easylibsoft.com

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