What are the special features in Cataloguing module?

One page catalogue

You were earlier having one page accession register (book). Going from there, we have one page accession register with about 50 most used fields. And if you need more, you have the choice of doing cataloguing of all additional fields also. 

Direct Connection to Common Catalogue

Easylib comes with direct connection to common catalogue / union catalogue. You do not have to download the records in MARC and then import. It is pretty simple and straight forward. 

Link books to non books

You got CDs, Videos, Manuals, Thesis etc etc for a certain material in library. In Easylib, you can link all of them, so that user gets one unified view of collection in the library for the specific book he is looking for. 

Customizable Reports

Easylib comes with easy to build customizable reports. You build your search criteria, run the report, chose the fields you wish, order the way you want, chose the output format (excel, html, pdf),  chose the length of each, give your own title to the report and then get the report. Pretty powerful. 

Customizable Statistics

No need to take reports and then calculate numbers. Just like customizable reports, Easylib comes with customizable statistics. Again you chose your own selection criteria and then run statistics. Very powerful feature for your library. 

Stock Verification

Stock verification is part of any library. You can perform full stock verification either once a year or rack wise (also called cycle count in Inventory Management).  And then you get multiple reports and options to mark as separate category or withdraw them or get additional reports etc etc. And if you happen to find the book, you simply restore the same.

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