Easylib-Library Automation Software

Easylib that stands for Entire Automation System for Libraries is an integrated system for your library. It performs various functions related to your library while helping you to  improve your operations, user satisfaction and achieve your dreams of having a state of the art library.

 Easylib Comes In Four Parts

  • Easylib OPAC
  • Easylib E-PAC
  • Easylib Batch
  • Easylib Main

Easylib Advanced Web OPAC 

It is completely revised Web OPAC including all existing features, new features and compatible with your database with minimum impact to your daily operations.Features include

  • Search Window
  • Announcements
  • Explore
  • Partner Library Links
  • Libraries holding information
  • Accomplishments
  • Library Policies
  • Library Team information
  • Library Timings (Common reading room if any)
  • User Wise Permissions
  • Link Relation Module
  • Catalogue Improvement
  • Set library parameters
  • Add Catalogue Links
  • KIOSK Images
  • User Circulation Report
  • Add Asp Links

Easylib OPAC

Easylib Web – OPAC runs on intranet / internet without any necessity installation on the machine. The client only connects at runtime.

  • Search on the library items
  • Real time availability status
  • Place reservation and renewal requests
  • View items one has borrowed and reserved along with due details
  • Look at serials subscribed
  • Look at volumes and issues of each serial
  • Search on indexed articles
  • Look at digital library of the organization
  • Search on the digital library
  • Multi Language Catalogue Search
  • Learn more about library
  • See new arrivals list
  • Library map by rack wise
  • Title details as well as copy details
  • Combo box search
  • Print Reports
  • Search by Word, beginning of a word, letter, Search all, etc

 Easylib Main

This is the main portion of the Easylib system for librarians use. The following features are provided in  the system.


  • MARC21 Format
  • Cataloguing Non Book Items
  • Cataloguing
  • Catalogue Card Generation
  • Automatic Indexing
  • Auto Keyword Generation
  • AACR2 Compatibility
  • Multi Lingual Catalogue Cards
  • Subject Wise Tree Structure
  • Semi Automatic Classification
  • Link to Bibliography Database


  • Accessioning Of Books
  • Non Book Items
  • Import And Export Of Data
  • Bar Code Compatibility
  • Customized Data Entry
  • Stock Verification
  • Tracking Withdrawn/Lost

 By Keywords, Title, Author

  • Search by Other Fields
  • Boolean Search
  • Search by Location
  • Rack wise Library Map
  • Content Search
  • Customized Search
  • Customized Result
  • Customized Reporting

 Membership System

  • Record Member Data
  • Take Digital Signature
  • Store Photo
  • Profiles For The Members
  • Set Circulation Parameters
  • Set Parameters By Category
  • Complete Authority Structure

 Circulation System

  • Issue, Return And Renewal
  • Circulate Books, Non Books, Serials, Bound And Loose Issues
  • Circulation On Lending Rules
  • Customize Lending Rules
  • Digital Signature Proof
  • Automatic Print on Issue
  • Due And Fine Calculation
  • Stair Case Type Due
  • Due Warnings Reminders By E-Mails
  • Digital Signature
  • Inter library loan
  • Long Term Loans Reservation
  • Hold Facility
  • Overnight Circulation
  • Pick-Up Notice Generation
  • Circulation Reports
  • Usage Statistics
  • OPAC


  • Track Journal Subscriptions
  • Handle Multiple Subscriptions
  • Track News Paper Delivery
  • Monthly Billing
  • Generation of Receivables
  • Subscription Expiry Reminder
  • Selective Dissemination of Information
  • Content Indexing
  • Import Index Data
  • Extensive Search

Multi Language

  • Support for Seven Languages
  • Create Indian Language Accession Data
  • Create Indian Language Catalogue Cards
  • Search in the Respective Languages
  • Indian Language Reports

Barcode Generation

  • Barcode Generation as per Code 39/ Code 128 Standard
  • Customize Barcode Label Size
  • Print Facility


  • Request Books on Network
  • Import Requisitions
  • Link From Other Resources
  • Duplicate Check
  • Transfer Data to Post
  • Request Status by E-Mail

 Budgeting & Acquisition 

  • Track Sources Of Budget
  • Allocate Funds To Departments
  • Track Expenses by Department
  • Collection of Member Dues
  • Track Purchase Orders
  • Track Deliveries
  • Track Payments
  • Handle Multiple Currencies

 Usage and Reading Analysis

  • Circulation Analysis
  • Purchase Recommendation
  • Weed Out Recommendation
  • Reading Habit Analysis

 Digital Library

  • Create Digital Library
  • Browse Pre-Built Digital Library
  • Search On Digital Library
  • Import And Export Metadata
  • Do full text search


  • Over 200 Reports
  • Ability to Print
  • Publish on Web
  • Export to Excel or any other tool
  • Many Customizable Reports
  • Graphical Reports

 Other Features

  • Easylib Bibliography
  • Connection To Publisher Sites
  • Regular Alerts
  • Web & E-Mail Integration
  • Many Customizable Reports
  • Reports As Per VTU/AICTE/UGC Norms

Easylib Batch

Easylib batch runs in the background acting as a watchdog for yoursystem. It carries out many functions that otherwise you may be doing manually on a periodical basis.You may schedule each of the job and reports to run at a specified time on a daily, weekly or a monthly basis. The system wakes up at that time,carries out the operation and then sleeps again.

Jobs Provided in Easylib Batch

  • Automatic Backup
  • Daily due calculation
  • Automatic due reminder generation and E-mail
  • Automatic reservation pick-up notice generation and E-mail
  • Selective dissemination of information to members

Reports Provided in Easylib Batch

  • New Arrival Alerts
  • Librarian Alerts
  • Daily circulation report
  • Due letters
  • And many more.