Edulite Campus Admin Software

Edulite – College Administration Software

Easylib Software Pvt. Ltd is pleased to bring you Edulite Software to manage  your educational Institute administrative activities. Features of the platform  are


  • Admission Announcements
  • Admission Form Entry

 1. Admit students
 2. Check Fee Status and Update
 3. Promote the Students
 4. Customize fields

  • Admission Listing and Reports
  • Receipts List:
  • Admission Reports

 1. Grade, gender and category wise Admission statistics
 2. Region wise admission statistics
 3. Family Income wise Admission Statistics
 4. Grade wise Enclosures Report
 5. Admission summary Categorywise
 6. Admission status
 7. Eligibility Proforma
 8. Merit scholarship students list
Once a student is admitted, automatically student records are created.

2.Student Module

  • Student Information
  • Students Information List
  • Students Reports

 1. Income wise Parent Address List
 2. Course wise Student Statistics
 3. Grade, Sex, Category Wise Student Statistics
 4. Region wise Student Statistics
 5. Family Income wise Student Statistics

3. Staff Module

  •  Staff Information:
  • Other Details of Staff

4. Attendance

  • Attendance Tracking
  • Attendance Reports

 1. Absentees by Date and Grade
 2. Presentees by Date and Grade
 3. Present-Absent by Date and Grade
 4. Current Absentees by Grade
 5. Absentees by Date and Class
 6. Presentees by Date and Class
 7. Present-Absent by Date and Class
 8. Current Absentees by Class
 9. Grade Summary by Month

5. Timetable

  • Time table parameter set up
  • Automatic Generation of time table
  • Manual Update of time table

6. Fee Collection

  • Fee parameter set up
  • Fee collection

7. Examination Subsystem

Edulite provides complete examination management features. The features are as below.

  • Examination Set Up
  • Enrollment of students to examinations / examination groups
  • Conducting Exams
  • Tabulating Marks and generating reports

 1. Summary Passing Report by Exam Group
 2. Summary Passing Report by Exam Code
 3. Exam Group Summary

8. Event Management

9. Placement Management:

10. Communication Register:

11.  Syllabus