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 Serial No.Title of Video  Description Refer the Link
1Easylib Web OPAC SearchThis video gives a training on Easylib Web OPAC Search Feature
2Easylib Web OPAC Explore FeatureHow to show case your library as a living organism. One such method is to regularly update Explore feature in the library OPAC homepage.
3Featured Books in Easylib Web OPACFeature new arrivals in Easylib Web OPAC easily
4Update Links on HomepageHow to set frequently used links on Easylib homepage is covered in this video. You may also link Old EPAC with this approach.
5How to set up Kiosk display through EasylibYou can manage your display Kiosks throughout the campus using Easylib software
6Easylib Web OPAC 6.2a IntroductionIts is the latest version of the software
7Easylib Barcode Print DemoHow to generate the barcode for the specific college with the label
8Easylib Overview 201909 480kIt gives the complete view of the software
9Easylib How to Add PublicationsHow to add your own publications to Easylib catalogue
10Easylib Accession Register 480kTraining on Easylib Accession Register
11Title Statistics 480kTitle Statistics Report in Easylib Software
12Data Quality Improvement Tools in EasylibIt gives the details about the data tools to be used
13Periodical(Recievable)How to generate recieved and non recievable reciepts
14Customized StatisticsIt gives the customized report of the book
15Librarian Member entryHow to enter the member details to library
16Member DetailsExplains when the member logins and their features
17Opac Search IconsIcons are the shortcuts on the opac screen as they are latest updates to the software
18Periodical ModuleHow to generate the periodical report
19Catalogue -Statistical ReportStatistical report on Publisher, Item type and subject
20In-Out ManagementIt gives the details about check-in and check-out
21Set Up ModuleHow to set up the software for users from librarian
22Circulation-Customised ReportIt gives the report on current and past transactions
23CirculationHow to circulate the book
24Circulation- ReminderHow to send the email as reminder to the due books
25Circulation- Fine ReportIt gives the report of fine details
26Price List ReportIt gives the price list of all the books and related products
27Set Up – MemberHow to give the permission to member
28EbookHow to generate the ebook links
29Statistic Reports-Book MasterIt gives the report in statistically
30Security ModuleHow to assign the Security
31No due CertificateHow to generate the no due certificate for students
32Display BoardsThe boards can be generated to display some important information
33Data Quality ImprovementThe books that doesn’t have title, author and publisher details
34Communication ModuleHow to generate group for communication
35Member Due ListHow to generate member due and clear the fine

How to create the new ticket

How to create the ticket when there is issues

How to create the User Id

How to create new User Id and assign security

Track the location of books

How to track the location of books
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