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  • Library.- Membership Module (Friday July 21st, 11 AM)
  • ERP – Placement Management (Tuesday July 25th, 11 AM)
  • Library – Periodicals (Thursday July 27th, 11 AM)
  • ERP – Asset Management and Service Desk (Tuesday 1st August)
  • Library – Circulation (Thursday 3rd August)
  • ERP – Sales Desk and Communication (Thursday 5th August)
  • Library – Acquisitions
  • ERP – Examinations
  • ERP – Transport Management

Solutions built for your organisation

EasyOne Campus ERP

EasyOne is the all inclusive one system for your University, College or School Administration. It encompasses all functions starting with campaign management all the way till placement and Alumni Management. Read More

EasyLib for your Library

EasyLib, that stands for Entire Automation System for your Libraries, helps you manage your catalogue, circulation, periodicals, digital library, visitors, library promotion and much more on one platform. Read More

EasyInv for Inventory

Manage data of everything that you have in your organization including your buildings, computers, furnitures, electrical appliances, lab equipments and much more on one single advanced platform. Read More.


1. Assignment Management See Video Read More
2. Attendance Mtmt Read More
3. Grade Class Enrolment
5. Quiz Administration See Video
6. Syllabus Management See Video
7. Examinations Module See Video
8. Time Table Management Read More


EasyLMS brings in a very friendly Learning Management System for use. Students when they login, will see the list of courses they are enrolled in, will get week wise schedules, will get to access learning material and so on. It is a very intuitive application making learning fun and easy. Read More


1. Student Master Data Management Read More
2. Campaign Management Read More
3. Admissions Management Read More
4. Fee Collection and Management
5. Financials Mgmt Read More 
6. Dashboards and Metrics Read More See Video
7. Set Up Establishment See Video

Product Status

All these Products and platform are ready for usage.

System Functions

1. API Management
2. Data Quality Improvements
3. Batch Processing
4.Communications with Students
5. Database Maintenance
6. Multi Layer Security Module
7. Server Health Check
8. SQL Reports


Announce scholarships, take applications, evaluate the forms, find donors, grant scholarships, track progress, complete the cycle when students become donors

Fund Raising

Review sample project plans, copy as needed, write your own project plans, send to companies, get CSR funds, deliver projects, evaluate the impact and repeat the cycle. Read More

Event Management

Schedule events, build registration forms, take registrations, print registration forms, track attendance, stay in touch for regular communication. Read More

Survey Management

Design Surveys, Send to potential respondents, get the responses, send reminders, collate response data, analyse the results, initiate projects to do improvements, and repeat the survey cycle. See Video

Alumni Management

Seamlessly transition your data from ERP to Alumni Management System. Maintain Alumni Database, Conduct Events, Form Alumni Groups, Come up with new projects, stay in touch, make things happen. Read More

Association Mgmt

Initiate Professional Associations, Define various levels of memberships, manage member data, collect the fees on a regular basis, conduct events, publish websites and bring continuity. Read More See Video

Barcode Print

Design various layouts of barcode on different sizes of papers. Load the data of students, books, journals or any free flow text or numbers. Fetch data from DB. Print on normal A4 or Other papers. Read More

Id Card Design Print

Design your own Id cards for students, faculty, temporary staff, visitors and more. Gets data from database as well as allows to add things like images and custom fields. Easy to get started and use long term. Read More

Display Board Mgmt

Simply create images of your notifications you intend to display at campus. Upload them onto EasyOne and set timings and order for various images. Set at one place and display any where in the campus. See Video

Project Management

Project Management Platform gives you ability to define own projects with scope, cost, schedule in mind. Identify various activities underneath and track to completion.  Read More See Video

Sales Desk

Build your Sales Pipeline with Lead generation, Lead qualification, Opportunities, Weekly Reviews, Sales Funnelling, Activity Tracking, Proposal Generation and all the way till getting order. Read More

Service Desk

Give your staff, students and customers ability to open tickets when facing issues or when having requests. Maintain all the way till resolution. Measure with SLAs and Continually improve performance. Read More

Asset Management

Track all the assets you have in your organisation including buildings, furnitures and more. Easily print barcodes for those as well as do annual stock verification. Transition to Service Desk system for services. See Video

Transport Mgmt

Transport Management System makes the job of maintaining all your bus routes, stops in the town, student enrolments to the various routes all easy. Additional features include real time sharing of data when students get in or get out. See Video

Placement Mgmt

Use our EasyOne to get a readymade list of hundreds of companies hiring people. Arrange visits of the companies, methodically do follow ups, schedule tests being conducted, and track all placements. Read More See Video

EasyOne suites of applications – Key differentiators

Ready System

Easylib systems listed above are all ready and tested. Many modules run at as many as 130 plus customers. Over the years the system has undergone time testing under various production scenarios.

Easy Migration

Easylib has proven data migration techniques from your existing system. Most of the migration happens without actually going to the database using screens alone. It makes data migration smooth as well as reliable.

Superior Service

Easylib has built in support mechanism in the application. Your system is connected to our support system on a real time basis. This helps monitor the application as well as give you ability to seek help as needed.

Time Tested, Proven and Reliable Deployment Methodology

Entire migration activity completes within one day to one week

Upgrading to EasyOne or EasyLib is very Simple!!

  • See the demo of the application (60 minutes), 
  • place the provisional order (30 minutes), 
  • get your own Easylib instance as yourcollege.easylib.net (60 minutes), 
  • import your data (180 minutes), 
  • attend basic trainings (60 minutes) and 
  • keep using Easylib (Life time)

Still have more appetite, try our newer modules

Ticket management system to help you ensure nothing important gets dropped

Sample Clients of Easylib on Easylib 6.2a or 6.4a Cloud Version

Nitte University, Mangaluru

Ten colleges under Nitte University use Easylib. Also have a Union Catalogue built helping them get a unified view of the collections, share resources as well as give the best of the features to students and teaching faculty.

SDM University, Dharwad

Five colleges under Shri Dharmasthala Manjunatheshwara University Dharwad use Easylib software for their medical and other health science colleges. Easylib client for more than a decade.

KLE University, Belagavi

Over ten colleges in KLE Group Belagavi use Easylib software to manage their library operations and a few of them on the latest version of Easylib software.

College of Fine Arts

Chitrakala Parishat and College of FIne Arts at Bengaluru manage their special library that has unique collection of books, designs, drawings, sculptures on Easylib Library Software.

Al Badar Dental College

Albadar Dental College, one of the most reputed dental colleges in Northen Karnataka uses Easylib to manage their library operations.

Mount Carmel College

Mount Carmel College at Bengaluru with more than 2,000 issues and returns per day uses Easylib integrated with RFID Technology.

Alvas Group

Alvas Engineering, Ayurvedic, Homeopathic and Degree colleges use Easylib latest version. Alvas Engineering College has RFID integrated with Easylib and stands apart in terms of excellent service.

Vidyodaya Law College

Vidyodaya Law College Library at Tumakuru has taken initiative to catalogue not only books but also thousands of digital material helpful to law students.

Rani Channamma University

Rani Channamma University uses Easylib to manage their entire library system across main campus and two additional colleges and PG Centers. Truly state of the art solution it has sharing resources among the three branches.

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Frequently asked questions

About Product

  • Is Easylib integrated library package? Yes, Easylib is an integrated package for your library in order to manage your physical collections, journal subscriptions, digital collections, your visitor management and much more.
  • What all standards it meets? Easylib digital library follows Dublin Core Meta Data Standards. The Cataloguing Module allows data transfer using MARC21 format. It is also compliant with RDA.
  • How often product upgrades are launched? Easylib follows Agile Continuous Improvement method of development and new features are added every fifteen days. However due to the complexity of upgrade, customers can plan to upgrade on a yearly basis.

About Deployment

  • How do you migrate our existing data? We have written a lot of import routines. The import options are available for Student Data, Cataloguing, Circulation Data, Time Table, Attendance, Digital Library and much more.
  • How much time it requires to start using Easylib for our organisation? Once you place the order, usually a new instance gets created within a day and based on the data volume, data migration usually takes approx. one week.
  • How are we trained? Training happens in three levels. First level includes online quick course to get you started. Second level includes in person visits or more dedicated online training. Third level includes self paced LMS driven alone training.

About Support

  • How to request support? Easylib has built in Support option. It gives you option to open a ticket as needed as well as see history of past tickets opened. Once a ticket is opened, usually our team responds same day. Resolution is provided in between one and five days.
  • Is phone support provided? Yes, once a ticket is opened, our team works with your staff to provide necessary support to make effective use of the application.
  • What about in person visits? Usually we try to make one visit to every customer each year, who have taken AMC with Annual Visit. Usually the visits in a area or city are grouped together. You are requested to work with our support staff to coordinate visits.