Koha is an open source software for libraries.

Considering our service reliability, know how we have developed on library management, and that they are being asked to consider Koha, some of our customers requested us to evaluate offering Koha.

In response to their requests, keeping the holistic benefits to the libraries in mind and to provide more options to libraies, Easylib has started offering Koha deployment services for the customers who really want to go with Koha alone.

We recommend the colleges to familiarize themselves with the below items while choosing the software to upgrade to.

1Can you compare Easylib with Koha?Easylib is written keeping holistic educational development in mind. Hence you would see a lot of features that are applicable to educational institute as a whole in Easylib products.

On the other hand, Koha goes deep into library functions alone in the limited modules it provides.
2Can you list modules offered by Koha and Easylib? Koha Modules
• Online Public Access Catalogue (Web OPAC)
• Acquisitions
• Accession and Cataloguing
• Circulations
• Serials
• Reports

Easylib Modules
• Online Public Access Catalogue (Web OPAC)
• Acquisition
• Accession and Cataloguing
• Circulations
• Serials
• Reports
• Many Student Self Help Features
• Customizable Homepage OPAC Set Up
• Stock Verification Module
• Digital Library / Digital Subscriptions / Electronic Resource Management System
• Library Usage Analytics
• Requisition
* Build in Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and Email Integration
* Display board Kiosk Management
• Student Group Communication
• Built in Email and SMS Modules (SMS Chargeable)
• Student Satisfaction Survey
• Dashboard Management
• Data Quality Improvement
• Survey Management
• Design and Print Id Cards, Barcodes and Spine Labels
• Own Publications
• Customizable Reports and Customizable Statistics
• Form Union Catalogues
• Background Alerts
• SQL Reports
* Personal Staff Digital Library
• Course Reserves
• Visitor Management
• Own Publications
* Modules Tailored towards NAAC
• Many more
3How much it will cost to deploy Koha and How much it will cost to run Easylib?When deploying Koha locally, you would spend on the below items
• Server to host Koha
• Software Deployment including data migration
• Software Maintenance

When going with Koha with Easylib company, you would spend on the below items
• Annual cloud charges
• Usually we waive off software deployment and data migration charges
• You pay for upgrades

When going with Easylib products with Easylib company, you would spend on the below items
• Annual cloud charges
• Usually we waive off software deployment and data migration charges
• Free upgrades for the modules purchased
4Can you compare duration of Upgrade to Koha with duration of upgrade to Easylib?Koha Deployment and Data Migration
* Between one and three months

* One week
5What if we want to move out of your services? In both cases i.e. when going with Koha or with Easylib products with Easylib company, we do not lock your data. You are free to export the data and move to any other service provider as you desire.
6What’s your recommendation?We stand by our service guarantee in both cases, i.e. when you go with Koha or Easylib product with us.

If you are already having Easylib 4.4.2, easiest option is to upgrade to Easylib 6.4a Cloud version. Upgrade happens within 24 hours and 100% of your data is migrated. It is the safest, least expensive and optimum thing to do while getting so many features of Easylib. A handful of the customers who moved to Koha from Easylib have either come back to Easylib or have given orders for Easylib 6.4a for their other colleges.

If you are evaluating library automation for the first time, you should go with Easylib. It is easy to get started.

If you are mandated to go with Koha alone, go for Koha deployment services from Easylib because you get Koha software as well as other modules of Easylib at a discounted price.

Our final recommendation – Become Easylib company customer!

Call Vasu M Deshpande at +91-97422-04624 or Siddu H C at 98457-45630 for a discussion and help on choosing suitable product for your library

More questions answered

Seq.Category of scenarioKohaEasylib
1You want holistic software for your educational institute and avoid having to deploy multiple software for physical library management, digital library management, in house management, Communication Management, Printing Id Cards, Conduct Student Satisfaction Survey etc.NoYes. Get Easylib and Enjoy all features in one package.
2You are bound by the rules that you are not supposed to go for any product other than Koha alone for library management.Yes, Avail Koha deployment services of EasylibYes, Avail Koha deployment services of Easylib as well as buy additional components of Easylib that Koha does not have.
3We already have Koha and want to upgrade to next versionYesYes