a.    Admission Announcements

This feature helps institute in announcing any admission, its start date, end date etc. Institute provides details of what course they are going to offer, the duration, fee etc. 

b.     Admission Form Entry:

The admission forms received in paper are entered onto the system. They can also be imported from online admission form entry.  

Fee payment is done either by cash, Cheque and online. Institutes can view the forms that are submitted by students and update the status of one particular by approving/disapproving and promoting his/her admission in the college. Admin has the access to

  • Admit students 
  • Check Fee Status and Update
  • Promote the Students 
  • Customize fields

c.     Admission Listing and Reports:

Administrator can see a list of students who have applied by academic year wise and Grade wise. This list view can be taken in the form of Excel Report by selecting column fields and Print it as well.

d.    Receipts List:

Receipts list keeps you track of students’ payments and can list multiple students at once and help you track the status. You can take various reports based on the sort criteria and take a printout of it.

e.     Admission Reports:

Institutes can generate admission reports on various categories. Some of the listed reports that can be generated are 

  • Grade, gender and category wise Admission statistics
  • Region wise admission statistics
  • Family Income wise Admission Statistics
  • Grade wise Enclosures Report
  • Admission summary Categorywise
  • Admission status
  • Eligibility Proforma
  • Merit scholarship students list

            Once a student is admitted, automatically student records are created.