ProsperAid Software-Raise Funds by Writing Proposals

Helps libraries, trusts and ngos to write proposals, work with the CSR wings of corporates, raise funds and manage projects.


  • Identify projects to take upProsperAid helps organizations select one or more projects from our template of various projects already catalogued. In conjunction with the understanding of the ground realities of the area, a trust can select one or more projects.
  • Write ProposalsThe platform then helps prepare a thorough project proposal through Q&A Sessions. Through simple questions and interviews, the software enables one to write proposals for even complex projects. Follows best practices for project management as well as ones outlines by PMI PMP.
  • Donor ManagementHelps you manage the data of your donors, even thousands of them at once, their areas of interests etc. It allows you to forward your proposals for their review, take pledges, online contributions, maintain communication with your donor community, scheduled pledges etc.
  • Company Information ManagementThe platform has collated data of large companies, their CSR interest levels, funding budgets etc. You would be able to forward your proposals and fund requests to companies and maintain periodic communication.
  • Extensive DashboardsProsperAid provides you ability to track your pledges, pledge fulfillment, schedules, follow-ups, communication etc.
  • Partner IntegrationProvides ability for your organization to partner with other trusts and share project information of active projects for collaboration.
  • Impact AnalysisThe platform gives you ability to measure the impact of your projects.Based on Theory of Change, you to track your projects through inputs, outputs, desired outcomes, and achievement of the same as well as link the same to the UNDP (United Nations Development Program’s) Sustainable Development Goals
  • IntegrationProsperAid gives you ability to import your existing donor database, take advantage of our ever-increasing project template database, import / export data from other applications through standard protocol etc.