Easylib Web 6.4a for Libraries

Entire Automation System for Libraries. Includes Web OPAC, Student Login, Requisition, Acquisition, Cataloguing, Accessioning, Membership, Circulation, periodicals, SMS, Emails, Reports, Security, Set Up, Website for library. eResources Management, Machine Learning and AI. 

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Feedback ManagementLibrary Branch Management
Barcode Printing and SuppliesOwn Publications Management
Student Communication Data Quality ManagementCourse Offerings Registration
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SMS and Email IntegrationPayment Gateway Integration

About Easylib Software Pvt Ltd

Company is founded by three professionals who worked at Infosys, General Electric, Siemens, IBM, ABNAMRO Bank, to develop innovative products. 20 Years history. Robust product, Reliable Service and Continuous Innovation are company’s motto. Focused on Education segment. Serving over 500 organisations in 8 states of India and 7 countries worldwide.   

  1. Easylib Web 6.4a Software for Libraries
  2. Software on Cloud  

Runs on Cloud, either hosted by Easylib, AWS or your own cloud. Fully integrated and state of the art application for libraries.  Entire deployment, configuration, and data conversion usually completed within a week. 

  1. Dynamic and info packed Website for your Library 

Offers librarians ability to build and publish fully dynamic website for your library to show case the dynamic nature of your library. Very easy to update it on a daily basis. Offers full range of features on Web OPAC to search books, non-books, eBooks, PDFs, Question Papers, External Links, Journals, Articles and many more by giving an integrated search capability. This is the gateway to Lakhs or Crores of Rs. of investment you have put on developing your library collection. 

  1. Powerful Login for Students 

Students can do search, save favourites, check their holdings, reserve and renew books, maintain own profile, request books and much more. 

  1. Requisition and Acquisition Module – 

Review student and staff book recommendations, prepare consolidated purchase lists, prepare RFQs (Requests for Quotation), Send to Vendors, Enter quotation price, Perform Quotation Comparison and place orders.  

  1. Cataloguing Module – 

Single page cataloguing screen, yet MARC and RDA Compliant. No need to remember MARC tags. Ability to enrich your catalogue by linking multiple books and URLs, Integrate Digital Library with Physical Library, Link with Union Catalogue. Offers close integration with data quality improvement module.  Contains many customized text and graphic reports and statistics. 

  1. Features for e-Resources and Digital Library

Offers ability to Catalogue digital resources as per Dublin core standards, categorize them by types (journals, newspapers, question papers, thesis, articles etc). Link external resources. Get easy access data. 

  1. Circulation

Easily issue and Return books and non-books. Barcode, RFID and Dropbox compatible. Offers reserve and renewal features. Has built in SMS, eMail and Payment Gateways. Gives detailed usage statistics. Offers many customized reports. Provided extensive Analysis on circulation pattern.

  1. Periodicals Module 

Subscriptions and renewals Management, Automatic generation of receivables based on the subscription dates by volume, issue, expected receipt date etc. Ability to easily mark received ones, Link physical periodicals with digital content of the same. Catalogue various articles within the periodicals., Generate supplier reminders and apply credits for missed issues. Link your digital subscriptions with physical journal copies. 

  1. Membership Module – 

Offers ability to capture extensive details of your library members including custom fields, import the data, mass updates and Statistics. Students can also do self-registration. Easily integrates with Campus ERP software, either external or one provided by Easylib. Has many APIs available. 

  1. Setup, Parameterization and Security 

A lot of system behaviour of Easylib is governed by parameterization to give you freedom of choice on how the software should operate. Multiple levels security i.e. system level, module level, screen level is offered throughout the system. Also has selective button level and record level security. 

  1. Reports and Statistics – 

Easylib has over 300 pre-built detailed reports and over two-dozen Statistical reports. Many reports have ability to customize the selection criteria, fields to take report and chose output format i.e. Text. HTML, Excel, PDF formats and ability to customize many of those. 

  1. Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence – 

Software continuously learns from the usage and helps in getting better statistics and recommendations. Applies to Circulation as well as to OPAC. 

  1. Data Quality Improvement – 

Easylib provides tools to analyse your data quality and ability to correct the data in bulk. E.g. Identify title duplicates, identity publisher duplicates, merge titles and publishers, do bulk updates, import data and correct fields at a time, etc.

  1. Publications Management – 

Ability to manage student and staff publications. Dashboard of publication counts by year etc., ability to catalogue them and make them available in search. Get statistics of what has been published by whom, by year, by profile, by type etc. 

  1. Android and iOS Application – 

The Android and iOS apps are designed to help students get information on their phones.  Students can download the app and access library. 

  1. Visitor In Out Management – 

Offers screens to manage your In Out Management from the library and/or other rooms. The users can simply swipe their id card onto an RFID Gate Reader or a Barcode Device or simply enter their id card number. Software gives many reports and Statistics of IN and OUT from your library.

  1. Communication Module – 

Form user groups and communicate regularly. Convey what are the new arrivals, events being conducted etc. Software also has built in SMS and Email Gateway. Users can also submit feedback and librarians can revie, take suitable action and reply. 

  1. Display Board (Kiosk) Management – 

Helps you manage library and campus wide display boards. You prepare various images and time those images for display. Easylib software keeps displaying those screens as per the time set up/ From the library itself you can manage what is being displayed where in the campus. 

  1. Dynamic Dashboards – 

Ability to define ones own KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and get to keep a watch on them continually through dynamic dashboards. Ability to manage your library as per NAAC, MCI, Balanced Scorecard, Dr. S R Ranganathan Score, etc. 

  1. Connect Multiple Libraries – Easylib for Universities  

Connect all your libraries within the University. Ability to upload the data from individual colleges onto the University Union Catalogue. Each individual college may even use any other LMS and still be connected to Easylib. The data is feed periodically and options exists for both manual synchronization and automatic synchronization. 

  1. Branch Library management

Ability to manage multiple branches of your library. Get to know purchase and collection data. Ability for users to borrow from one branch and return at another branch if allowed. Get home branch and inter-branch collection and circulation data. 

  1. SMS and Email Module

Easylib comes with built in SMS gateway to help you send SMS and Email on any transactions. 

  1. Barcode Printing

Software to help you design and print barcodes. Design includes customizing you barcode requirements both on A4 size papers as well as 2 x 1 plastic labels. 

  1. Id Card Printing – 

Software to help you design and print id cards. Design id cards for print on Id Card printers as well as A4 size printers.  

  1. RFID  

Easylib supplies full RFID equipment and tags for your library. Easylib has relationship with both High Frequency and Ultra High Frequency RFID tag providers and can supply the RFID equipment and tags. We also have relationship with people who can do pasting for you. 

  1. Easylib Cloud – 

Ability to access Easylib Cloud from anywhere there is Internet. Easylib hosts your database on Easylib cloud, maintains it and guarantees nearly 24 hours availability. You get full features of the software without having to invest on a large server and it’s maintenance. More economical too. 

  1. Smooth Upgrade 

Easylib 6.2a and 6.4a Version are backward Compatible to Easylib Client 4.4.2. That means all your data is fully intact when you upgrade. There is no loss of data what so ever.     

  1. Alumni Management – 

A platform to manage your organization alumni network, maintain regular communication, arrange events, mobilize resources and initiate alumni sponsored projects. Also periodically feature different alumni members. 

  1. Event Management – 

The software allows admin and office bearers to create events with details like event date, event objectives, date, time, payment and place of the event. Entire registration form is customizable.  

  1. Scholarship Management – 

A platform to help your institute students who need financial assistance with ones who can assist and build a sustainable culture of financial assistance generation after generation.. 

  1. Projects – Proposals, Fund Raising and Management 

A platform to help libraries, trusts and NGOs to write proposals, work with the CSR wings of corporates, raise funds and manage projects. Follows best practices for project management as well as ones outlines by PMI PMP. 

Helps you manage the data of your donors and ability to track pledges, pledge fulfilment, schedules, follow-ups, communication and helps you build a community for your organization. 

Both Easylib application and Vidyanidhi platform work as one integrated application to offer the best of the features.

  1. Course Offerings 

Vidyanidhi platform offers your organizations ability to offer courses and collect registrations. Used for regular offerings, special courses, etc.

  1. Student Research Profiles

Student Profile – Students have ability to build extensive profile and share it with other people. They can maintain their own digital library, maintain their academic credentials, customized resume and share profiles.   

  1. Campus ERP Software (Beta Release)

Offers you various features for Campus Management. It works as an extension to your library software and Vidyanidhi platform and makes the upgrade very smooth. Call us for a free trial. 

  • Admissions
  • Student Information management
  • Timetable Management 
  • Attendance Management 
  • Examinations Management 
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