Scholarship Management

Vidyanidhi-Scholarship Management Software

A platform to help your institute students who need financial assistance with ones who can assist and build a sustainable culture of financial assistance generation after generation.


• Design Scholarships

Vidyanidhi aids creating scholarships with own criteria and requirements. Eligibility criteria, questions and terms and conditions etc. all can be customized for the scholarship. Entire form is fully customizable for your needs.

• Announce Scholarships

Software provides ability to manage multiple scholarships with different criteria. Parameters like Start date, End date, custom URL and many others are available for management of each scholarship.

• Take Applications

Once the Scholarship is active, students are able to apply either online or through colleges. Partner institutes will be able to fill applications on their students’ behalf, especially when students do not have access to computers.

• Application Verification

System does automatic verification of the applications as well as provides ability for local verification by partners of your choice. For large-scale distribution of scholarships, you can set up your own verification network.

• Evaluation Selection

Once the applications for scholarship are gathered in Vidyanidhi, the trust can assign the evaluators and have them evaluate based on a fixed set of questions.A weighted average and ranking is provided for final selection.

• Student to Donor Matching

Vidyanidhi gives ability for the trusts to forward shortlisted student profile and applications to donors for potential funding, as per preferences set by donors. The donors get to see the list of students forwarded, see details, choose a few to sponsor, make fund commitments or do online payments.

• Donor Information Management

Provides ability to manage donor profile, donor interest areas, pledges, history of payments etc.

• Student Progress Monitoring

Vidyanidhi provides an ability to monitor the student progress by giving the students ability to upload the progress reports. The trusts as well as the sponsoring donors would be able to see the student progress regularly.

• Student Becoming Patrons

The scholarship cycle completes when students themselves become donors in future. Vidyanidhi provides an ability to build a lifetime relationship with students for greater social impact.