Power Alumni

PowerAlumni-Alumni Network Management Software

As you know, it is important for any college to maintain a continuous touch with its alumni. Relationship with alumni helps in placement of your current students, get funds for continuous upgrade initiatives, grant scholarships to your students and many more. In addition, it helps you get better accreditation ratings.To help you manage your complete alumni network and relationship, we are pleased to bring you “PowerAlumni”, a software platform in partnership with Easylib Software Pvt. Ltd. a company focused on innovative software for educational domain.

The unique and innovative features of PowerAlumni software are

1.Getting started

  • Completely web based

The software is completely web based and hosted on central cloud network with 99.9% availability. This does not require any additional infrastructure or maintenance on your premises. Thorough security control provides you ability to restrict the features based on profiles of the people who login (e.g. alumni administrator, alumni city coordinator, alumni student, current student etc.).You would get a custom URL for your alumni association website. This URL may be linked from your overall website of your organization as well as published on all brochures for direct access to this site from the alumni.

  • Easy to get started

The software allows mass import of your student data. The data you export from your college automation package, Easylib library automation package can be easily imported onto PowerAlumni software. Once uploaded, the administrator and the coordinators will have the ability to maintain as well as enhance the information uploaded. See additional details below.

2. Rich homepage

  • Feature the alumni

Software allows you to periodically feature different alumni members along with their accomplishments,why your organization is proud of them,how they can be of assistance to your organization etc.Changing the featured list is very easy and simple and helps you keep the featured list based on relevance in the current times.This featuring is expected to help students to get motivated as well as approach them to seek guidance and if required, for placements as well.

  • Announce Events

The software allows alumni admin to create alumni events with details like event date, event objectives,date,time and place of the event.In addition you will be able to set up questions that alumni should answer while registering for the event.You can set up the registration fee for the event and can collect via Paytm option and send the receipt for the paid registered alumni.You can send/share the event link in social media to register your alumni. You will be able to get real time details registrations, registration fee payments, optional RSVP etc.

  • Lively homepage with photos and updates

The software allows you to constantly keep changing the photos that you would like to display on your homepage. You also have the option to link the same with photographs of the past events so that all information is entered once and not have to be updated again and again.

  • Feature the projects

Most alumni associations initiate alumni sponsored student projects and communication of the same important. The software allows you to show case the projects that your association is involved in as well as seek assistance from alumni members.

  • Feature the scholarships

You have option to announce various alumni sponsored student assistance programs. Alumni will be able to see such scholarships and commit to granting the funds to assist the students. The students shall be able to see such scholarships announced and apply for the same.

  • Placement Connect

Software allows you to showcase alumni associated placement opportunities to make the association between institute, alumni and current students stronger.All of the above can be customized and only relevant information can be shown. In addition, new features are constantly being added.

3.Organizing member data and communication

  • Organizing member data

The alumni member data is built
– Through mass import facility
– Individually by the alumni administrator
– By the alumni himself/ herself
– Referrals by the alumni students
– By invitation
A data entry screen allows both administrator and the members to update the alumni information. Extensive information captured includes name, address, phone etc., their interest areas, their work location, organization they are working for, how they would like to be associated to the college and many more.
Easy search enables you to search among thousands of alumni members you have and communicate with them.

  • Creating Groups for relationship managementt

You would be able to create any number of groups like year of passing, department wise, interest in sports, music etc. working location based, company based and many more. The members of the alumni management committee can form and maintain such groups. You would also be able to assign a lead for each group who has ability to further assign new members as well as keep it up to date.

  • Add additional institutes

Alumni of your institute may also be alumni of an associated institute of yours. E.g. A degree college student may be alumni of PU College of your own educational society. In such cases the software helps you quickly add associated membership to each student so that society shall be able to get a complete picture of the alumni as long as the student has studied in any of the institutes within the society.

  • Member Communication

You would be able to select group wise students and maintain communication with each group separately about the relevant events, meetings, projects, placements, calls for contribution etc. The software also helps you further manage communication with each alumni member and make notes on the interaction held.

  • Communication dashboard

Software helps you get a clear picture of frequency of the communication you are maintaining, responses received, event registrations and many more.

4. Financial Features

  • Fund Commitments

The software allows alumni to record alumni commitments for any funds they wish to grant to the college for further development of the institution. You would be able to group the commitments by alumni champions, by projects, by events, by scholarships etc. so that it is much easier to see the fund flow.

  • Link to payment gateway

The software is fully integrated with payment gateway. Once a reminder is sent, the alumni would be able to make online payments to fulfill their commitments. The payments shall be received onto an intermediary trust and settled at the end of the day onto your alumni account after deduction of processing fees.

  • Fund collection during events

Software allows you to make quick entries of the attendees during the events held as well as accept the payments right into your account. All such attendees shall be entered into your alumni database and available for maintaining future communication.

  • Complete financial Dashboard

You would be able to see a complete dashboard of batch wise commitments, actual receipts, expected receipts by each quarter and so on. It provides complete drill down features so that you would know whom and when to follow up with. You would also be able to write custom emails to select alumni members so that the communication is fast as well as easy as well as maintain a history of communication.

5. Project Features

  • Proposal writing

The software helps administrators to write and announce projects that are of importance to the organization. Some of the projects you may like to announce include
– Construction of Student Activity Center, classrooms, playgrounds etc.
– A laboratory sponsored by alumni
– Events like English speaking skills training for students
– Project to build an automatic road repair machine
– Conducting a series of health camps near your campus
Once you identify the projects, you can write proposals as per PMP standards. The software guides you write proposals and ensure that critical items like key activities, risks and mitigation plans, critical success factors, partners, financial projections are all captured.

  • Project related communication

You can choose to save the draft projects for review until ready to be published. Once you chose to publish, automatically your alumni website is updated with information on the project. You would be able to send the project proposal to each student or select students.

  • Project fund raising

Once you have the project ready, you could communicate with the companies who may like to fund your projects. Database of over 500 potential companies is already loaded onto the software platform. In addition, you would be able to add additional companies and corporates in your area who may like to grant funds to your organization.
In addition, the group communication feature helps your alumni coordinator to send communication about the project to select alumni. The fund raising module then helps you track commitments, follow up related to payments, send receipts etc.The software also allows you to raise funds for your projects from non-alumni as well.

6. Scholarship Features

  • Scholarship announcement and management:

The software allows your organization to create and announce your own alumni sponsored scholarships. Extensive customized scholarships can be announced. Once the Scholarship status is active, students are able to apply along with answers to all the customized questions.

  • Objective Evaluation of Scholarship Applications

The software allows you to objectively evaluate each scholarship application. You would be able to assign different evaluators, assign weightage-based questions and carry out your evaluations.

  • Alumni Sponsorship for Scholarships

The software allows mapping each scholarship announced to alumni who would like to sponsor them. The alumnus can chose to either contribute money at once for a scholarship project or student by student. In case of student-by-student sponsorship, the software allows you to pre-evaluate students who meet the criteria and then forward to the alumnus for the funding.Once is student is sponsored by an alumnus, the software allows building of lifetime relationship between the alumnus, the student and you the alumni association.