Our Team


Easylib was founded by professionals who worked at both India and overseas.



Vasu M Deshpande: Loves Adventure (Co-Founder And CEO)



Chandan Jain: Dedication To Customer Service



Siddu HC: Driven To Have You As Our Customer (Marketing And Sales Head)



Vijay N Krishna: Keeping Us On Track (Advisor With Iron Grip)



Lohith B J: You Are In Safe Hands (Software Engineer)



Manjula Banani: Relax, We Will Deliver What You Need (Software Engineer)



Pallavi Acharya: Very Good Software We Give (Software Engineer)



Jitendra S Mudhol: Silent Thinker (Co-Founder And Strategist)



Ashok Nagure: I Balance The Books (Head Of Finance)



Priya P: Want To Learn Easylib, See My Videos (Software Engineer)



Srujan D: I Am Climbing Stairs (Trainee Software Engineer)



Guess Me: I Am The Lord (Our Customers)