Happy Yugadi and more messages

Dear Reader,

Greetings from Easylib and we wish you a very happy Yugadi.

We hope this Yugadi of this year brings everyone good health and great immunity. 

Here are some updates from Easylib at the time of this Corona crisis. 

  • All our employees are working from home or are on paid leave until further notice. Our physical office remains closed except for maintenance of our servers. We do not expect any issues with cloud hosted Easylib application, whether on Easylib cloud or on AWS cloud. They continue to function as usual. 
  • Only online support is being provided. There shall be no personal visits for the moment. You may always open a ticket by going to www.easylibsoft.com >> Login tab. They will be attended to by our work from home staff. On urgent items, please call our support line at 98440-81710 and email info@easylibsoft.com
  • Making use of this lockdown, we are working on improvising the quality of our products with additional testing while working from home. We are also doing extensive literature study to come up with further innovation to our Easylib product suite. Once the situation becomes normal, they will be scheduled for development.
  • We are working on creating a lot of training videos for Easylib. They are accessible at https://vimeo.com/easylib We also request you to try out Easylib Web Version 6.4a at http://demo.easylib.net Call or email us us for a trial account if you already do not have one. 
  • At this critical juncture, we request you to make timely payments by NEFT/IMPS for Annual Maintenance Contract Renewal, Cloud Hosting Charges, Product Licensing, Material Supplies or any other product or services provided, without additional follow ups, as soon as the work at your organization resumes. Your timely payments will help us maintain a healthy workforce and support you and them during good times and bad times. 

Light at the end of the tunnel is not an illusion, It is a reality. Just be patient, stay at home and work and we get there. 

Thank you,

Vasu M Deshpande

Co-Founder and CEO

Easylib Software Pvt. Ltd.

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