Easylib Web Version v6.2a R8-Access anywhere the network is available(August 2018)

Advantages of upgrading from your client server version of the application to Web version are :

  • No hassle if deployment of the application at each machine. Once it is deployed onto the server, the software is accessible anywhere the network is accessible.
  • The look and feel of the application is nearly same as your client server version for the existing functionality. This greatly reduces the effort to retrain your staff.
  • The new version does not require data conversion. It works on the same database model thereby reducing the risk of data corruption when you migrate from one version to another.
  • You don’t lose data. Your entire circulation history remains as is. This gives you ability to see the trends, analyze the pattern and take necessary actions.
  • New version comes with a lot of APIs including getting the data from Union Catalogue of your choice as well as open up your database for open access if you desire.
  • You get a lot of new features when you upgrade to newer web version of Easylib. They include things like dynamic website, many data correction utilities, connectivity to Union Catalogues, more statistical reports, customized statistics and many more.
  • Note that it is “NOT” necessary to migrate to one specific software to form a Union Catalogue. Easylib very well supports Union Catalogue and also has tools to get data from other library software when you wish to form a Union Catalogue of yours.

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